Numerical Analysis of the Flexural Response of Rc Beams Strengthened with NSM-CFRP
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University of Mentouri, Algeria
University of Rennes, France
Online publication date: 2019-01-03
Publication date: 2018-09-01
Civil and Environmental Engineering Reports 2018;28(3):90-102
In this study, we have chosen to use a new technique of reinforcement with composite materials, namely the near surface mounted technique (NSM). The NSM technique consists in inserting strips of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) laminate into slits made beforehand at the level of the concrete coating of the elements to be reinforced. A numerical investigation was conducted on rectangular reinforced concrete beams reinforced with NSM-CFRP using the ATENA finite element code. A parametric study was also carried out in this research. The numerical results were compared with the experimental results of the beams tested by other researchers with the same reinforcement configurations. Overall, numerical behavior laws are rather well-suited to those obtained experimentally and the parametric study has also yielded interesting results.
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