Influence Of Advertisments On Changes In The Urban Structure Of Cites On The Example Of Poznan
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Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Poznan, Poland
Online publication date: 2015-12-22
Publication date: 2015-09-01
Civil and Environmental Engineering Reports 2015;18(3):5-14
The article presents the results of studies on the influence of outdoor advertisements on the activation of selected areas in the spatial structure of the city of Poznań. The contents of advertisements were analyzed in terms of the places which advertisements placed on signs, billboards and advertising displays located in public spaces direct us to. The results of studies indicated that the majority of advertisements located in the city center of Poznań promote suburban locations, encouraging its inhabitants to make use of trade and services outside of the strict city center. At the same time, it was indicated that outside advertisements due to the content of the advertising message are a factor degrading the city center, directing potential customers away into the suburbs. In practice, it was noted that the phenomenon significantly decreases the effectiveness of actions directed towards revitalizing the city center and the urban activation of this region.
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