Shrinkage and Absorption of Sand Concrete Containing Marble Waste Powder
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LMGHU laboratory, Department of civil engineering, University of Skikda, Algéria
Department of civil engineering, University of Souk-ahras, Algéria
Online publication date: 2022-04-05
Publication date: 2022-03-01
Civil and Environmental Engineering Reports 2022;32(1):240-254
In the context of growing scarcity of natural resources, the high demand of aggregates and the difficulties to open new quarries, several studies were carried out to study the possibility of reuse of waste and industrial by-products to replace traditional materials which would run out, replace materials when transport distances increase to reduce construction costs and protect the environment. This experimental study aims to investigate the effect of marble waste used as powder on the shrinkage and absorption of sand concrete in order to reuse it in the production of sand concrete. To achieve this goal, several sand concrete mixtures containing different substitutions rates of marble powder (4, 8 and 12%), and different Water / Cement ratio (0.71, 0.74, 0.77) were produced. Then, the evolution of the shrinkage and absorption values of sand concrete mixtures was studied. The obtained results showed that marble waste powder plays a positive role in reducing of shrinkage and absorption values of sand concrete and lead to the production of eco-friendly sand concrete.
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