Dynamic Reductions for the Nonlinear Soil-Foundation-Structure System Interactions
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University of Zielona Gora, Zielona Góra, Poland
Online publication date: 2018-07-10
Publication date: 2018-03-01
Civil and Environmental Engineering Reports 2018;28(1):146-158
The article presents new dynamic superelements for DOF (degrees of freedom) reduction. Proposed spectral superelements (SES) are based on the method of normal coordinates. The developed superelements with basis nodes (SEB) for the inhomogeneous systems are also shown. Proposed superelements ensure to obtain the diagonal matrix of masses which allow to use the efficiency of explicit method. The results of nonlinear analysis using proposed reduction method for the group of high-rise building are presented. The calculations were performed by explicit method with the help of Automated System of Scientific Research (ASSR) “VESNA-DYN”.
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