The Natural Stone Market in the Context of Rapid Construction Development and Protection Areas of Major Groundwater Reservoirs (GZWP)
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AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Management
University of Zielona Góra, Institute of Environmental Engineering
These authors had equal contribution to this work
Submission date: 2023-10-30
Final revision date: 2024-02-21
Acceptance date: 2024-03-13
Online publication date: 2024-03-18
Publication date: 2024-03-18
Corresponding author
Katarzyna Kubiszyn   

University of Zielona Góra, Institute of Environmental Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering Reports 2024;34(1):137-149
Over the last few years, the demand for stone raw materials has increased significantly. The stone industry is an unusual sector that combines domestic stone extraction with the global market. The stone market supported by the achievements of new technologies provides a processed product, which in consequence create great potential for development of this sector. What is more an intensification of the demand effect on raw stones can be initiated by the construction industry, which is one of the basic drivers of the country's economy. In this paper there are presented conclusions from an analysis of the local and global stone market. What is more, authors present the results of analysis the mining potential of dimension and crushed stones deposits occurring in Poland in the context of limited exploitation possibilities due to selected protection areas such as areas of Major Groundwater Reservoirs (hereinafter: GZWP).
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