Renovation and Modernization of Residential Structures in Gliwice Based on Survey of the Environment Built from the Years 1848-2014 / Renowacja I Modernizacja Struktury Mieszkaniowej W Gliwicach Na Podstawie Badań Ankietowych Środowiska Zbudowanego Z Lat 1848-2014
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Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Gliwice, Poland
Publication date: 2023-06-12
Civil and Environmental Engineering Reports 2015;16(1):41–49
The subject of the survey carried out in 2013-2014 are changes in Gliwice residential substance in relation to the two fundamental issues:how proceeded transformation of the existing housing stock, which changes has it undergone during operation. The range of changes within the housing illustrates all the positive and negative solutions characteristic for each of the periods. In the selection of research technique decision was made to form the survey. The quantitative data collected during the survey are the basis for building applications and also from grouped and developed characteristics for the surveyed collections. The test results help to identify regularities concerning the scope of the changes made in each period and - indirectly - give evidence to evaluate the built environment in terms of meeting the expectations and needs of the residents. Analysis of the assumptions also draws attention to the life cycles of the apartment, as the original part undergoing transformation during the adaptation, modernization and reconstruction of housing environment to changing needs during operational requirements. The scope of the changes introduced by them within the housing allows to evaluate the accuracy of functional and spatial, technical and technological solutions characteristic of the period in which they developed.
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