A Method to Reduce Air Heating Costs in Winter Period in the Królowa Luiza Mining Museum in Zabrze – Case Study
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Faculty of Mining, Safety Engineering and Industrial Automation, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice
Online publication date: 2021-06-28
Publication date: 2021-06-01
Civil and Environmental Engineering Reports 2021;31(2):105-116
The Królowa Luiza Mining Museum is one of the touristic objects of the Coal Mining Museum in Zabrze. In the study in concern, an assessment of ventilation of the facility was conducted. Following the assessment of the ventilation, the operating parameters of the fans were changed, inlets were sealed and a system of air ducts was designed and constructed. The ducts reintroduce the heated air from the facility to workings. The conducted activities aimed to decrease the amount of air has increased the temperature in the entire object by from 3 to 10°C, which translated into a profit of approximately 200 Euro a day. Before changing the heating system it was impossible to achieve a positive temperature in the entire object at an external temperature of −10°C. It was necessary to close the Museum for tourists. Trials conducted for the external temperature from −2 to −6°C have exhibited that it will be possible to achieve positive temperatures in the entire facility even in case of very low external temperatures. The costs borne for the change of the heating system may be estimated at a level of 25000 Euro. The return of the investment should occur in the first Winter period.
Słota, K 2017. Conceptual works regarding the reduction of costs of ventilation and heating in the Królowa Luiza Mining Museum in Zabrze. Materials of the Coal Mining Museum in Zabrze, (unpublished).
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